San Miguel Manila, a new experience in beers, including the pack


CATEGORY: Packaging design

Spending 128 years roaming the world in search of the best recipes and ingredients to offer a perfect beer experience is worthy of praise. And if it comes in the form of a bottle, malt and hops, better still. That is why Mahou San Miguel has launched Manila, one of its most special beers, which includes a glance at their history and at the explorer tradition of the brand, founded in the Philippines in 1890.

Isabel Santomé


Manila holds in its bottle an especially high hops content, a perfect balance between a mainstream beer and a somewhat more Premium beer aimed at inquisitive consumers who prefer to be different, who want a special recipe and would like a daily treat. As its name indicates, its inspiration is Manila, but beyond being their point of origin, Mahou San Miguel also wanted to transmit the true values of the brand, the spirit of exploration that started in the Philippines and spread from there to the entire world.


To manifest this in reality, the company called on Summa, a pioneering branding consultancy with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon, that has a standing relationship with them represented by over seven years of collaborations. The challenge was to create a “letter of recommendation” that ...READING MORE

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