Selling products before you make them


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Product simulation using 3D rendering of the packaging is becoming increasingly important in the way in which products are presented.


Jordi Tarrats


Since the beginning, in 2002, Mediactiu has offered its clients a 3D modelling solution, applying graphics software to generate photo-realistic images of their products. These product images were used mainly in focus groups, with the intention of calibrating the perception of their target audience and so adjust the “accuracy” of their strategy in terms of graphics and communication in their packaging.

In the present day, brands do not only use this technique to test product positioning; increasingly, it is used to increase sales volumes, by starting to promote their products using 3D-rendered images of their product packaging. This allows more accurate estimates of probable sales, leading to more efficient manufacturing. At the same time, it generates appetite and demand, and this means a greater sales volume as soon as the product goes onto the market.

Apart from this, using the latest technological advance, 3D printing, we can transform the virtual images that we have been creating for 16 years now into a physical life-size image in just a few hours. This means that our clients can get an ever-greater perception of the final product even though they are still a long way off from producing it.


As an example of this, you have the packaging project that we have carried out for Ed´o, a brand of olive oil. This is an “Ultra Premium” product whose presentation took place before the glass bottles or the presentation packages were in production. In this project, we created the bottles and packages for the different products and combinations of products in the range.



We also created images of the product in inspiring settings to position it correctly.

Another example of this type of solution, of 3D simulation of packaging, is the work we did in Mediactiu for ..... READ MORE AT

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