Set collar – standard part only?


CATEGORY: Machinery and applications BRAND: Elesa+Ganter

No, the set collar is not a simple standard part; in fact, it represents a sophisticated and multifaceted element. At least when it comes from Elesa+Ganter.

A total of 18 different set collar types can be found in Elesa+Ganter‘s standard parts range. This starts with the standard set collar GN 705, which is clamped in place radially using a grub screw according to DIN. The Elesa+Ganter standard range is rounded out by additional sizes that are not contained in the DIN standard but are nevertheless practical options.


Semi-split set collars of the family GN 706..., which establish a frictional connection to the shaft by reducing the slot height with a socket head cap screw, are available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. The latter are available with additional damping elements or holes for the fastening of flanges or other attachments.


 Fully split set collars of the family GN 707... permit both axial and radial mounting to shafts; the clamping also takes place by reducing the slot height, but in this case using two integrated socket head cap screws. Here as well, Elesa+Ganter offers sub-variants with damping elements or holes for the fastening of flanges or other attachments. Corrosion-resistant and lightweight set collars of fiber-reinforced polyamide round out the range of split designs.


For applications that require frequent and tool-free repositioning of the set collar, Elesa+Ganter offers designs with either a cam lever or clamping lever. As a separately-available accessory, the adjustable clamping lever (as an alternative to the socket head cap screws) converts any set collar into a “quick-clamping variant”.

Supplemental accessories such as self-adhesive damping washers and sensor holders expand the possible uses of the set collars.


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