´Small wine producers take more risks in their designs than larger producers”


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Interview with Pere Pagà, managing Director of Pagà Disseny.

The Pagà Disseny studio (“disseny” means “design” in Catalan) is located in Vilafranca del Penedes (Barcelona), in the heart of one of the best known and appreciated wine regions. So, it was inevitable that the studio, created three decades ago by Pere Pagà, a self-confessed wine enthusiast, became specialized in branding and packaging for Spanish and international wine producers.


INFOPACK: How did you become a professional designer?

PERE PAGÀ: Even in my adolescence, I collected all sorts of printed material that I liked: beer mats, magazine adverts, flyers that caught my eye. I still have these albums. The world of images attracted me, and quickly stimulated my interest in photography.

After I finished my higher education qualification exams, I studied design in the Llotja School of Applied Arts in Barcelona.

My first contact with the wine sector was when I went to work for an important Penedes wine producer. I worked for several years in the company’s printing department and was dealing with their labels every day. One of my favourite memories is of the back labels, with detailed information on the way each wine was produced; the grape varieties, whether local or imported, the fermentation, the ageing in oak casks, or later in the bottles, the tasting notes and pairing suggestions, etc.

In 1991, after some collaborative work with cultural organisations, I set up my own studio, and that was how Pagà Disseny started.

We offer a consultancy service in branding, design and packaging for food and drinks. 80% of our clientèle is in the wine sector, while the rest consists of clients from the food sector and some service companies. Our client profile is basically family businesses and small producers, with a few large companies.


IP: From the start, you specialized in creating labels for still and sparkling wines. Why did you concentrate on this market sector?

PP: We worked with companies in many sectors However, due to our location in Penedes, where there is an important wine industry, we found ourselves specializing in this sector. This was a natural transition, we weren’t specifically looking for it.

In the 90’s, we carried out a lot of projects aimed at corporate identity, and for publishers, but from the year 2000, as the Internet and digital printing exploded, this speciality became “democratized”, in the worst sense, filling the streets with so-called “visual contamination”: projects, posters, very low-quality adverts that flooded the media.

One example is the typical Christmas greetings...READING MORE



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