Spring hinges for automatic return


CATEGORY: Machinery and applications BRAND: Elesa+Ganter

Elesa+Ganter offer a wide range of hinges made of engineering plastics, steel, stainless steel, aluminium or zinc-alloy and with different types of assembly, rotation angles, load resistance values or with integrated safety switch. Such a wide range of variants in production allows customers to choose the suitable hinge for their application whatever the market sector.

The brand new CFMR spring hinges enrich the range of plastic hinges. In fact, this new technical solution allows the automatic closing or opening of doors, thanks to an integrated return spring housed in the rotating pin.

CFMR body is made of SUPER-technopolymer, one of the latest evolutions in engineering polymer materials characterised by high mechanical and thermal performance.


A new technopolymer combining favourably the advantages of engineering plastics with metal ones.

The aluminium rotating pin and the stainless steel return spring guarantee maximum wear and corrosión resistance.

To suit at the best different applications, the hinges are available in different standard executions with opened (CFMR-NO) or closed (CFMR-NC) return position and with spring with different stiffness corresponding to different maximum return torque (0.35 Nm and 0.70 Nm).



CFMR hinges have undergone specific stress test in our laboratories, where the return spring has successfully exceeded 100,000 cycles without affecting torque


Furthermore, it is available without return spring (CFMR-NS) for a better aesthetical integration of the hinges on the machinery on which they are mounted.


Products technical data sheets, along with drawings and tables with codes and dimensions, are available on the website

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