Sustainable packaging for premium applications in cosmetics


CATEGORY: Sustainability and environment BRAND: ITENE

The cosmetics market is one of the fastest growing market in recent years, becoming one of the most promising now-a-days.

This trend turns into a global increase forecast of 5.2% of CARG (compound annual growth rate) by 2023, leading to profits higher than 35.6 billion dollars (1). Focusing on the national market, there has been an increase of 2.16% in 2017, reaching an income of up to 6820 million euros. The main products that lead the cosmetics market in terms of growth are perfumes with 5.42%, whereas in terms of revenue, skin care products lead the market (2). This rise in consumption comes with more complex and higher demands from consumers to the manufacturers of these products, both in terms of the product itself and its appearance.


María José Jiménez, Natalia Ortuño and María Jordá - ITENE


Even though cosmetics have always been considered premium products, which means that they are expected to have a high added value to differentiate themselves, the agents from whom these differences derive have varied over time. Some of the most relevant factors in this sense that have been consolidated lately are sustainability, convenience and minimalism, keeping the attractiveness that has traditionally been requested from them. READ MORE AT

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