The EVOO Decision: The Case of Quaryat Dillar


CATEGORY: strategies BRAND: Squembri

When any given consumer, who could be any one of us, faces a store shelf in a supermarket, they receive a barrage of visual stimuli, colors and forms without apparent limit, with messages overflowing with creativity, creating an experience that can sometimes seem kaleidoscopic. This can also happen in specialized retailers.

A quick glance at this consumer, a crumpled paper in their hand with a detailed shopping list that, in spite of the effort, doesn’t help to make the decision, either. This dilemma is then repeated in the cleaning products aisle, in the candy aisle, among the dairy display cases... Yet for some time now, the shelves displaying extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) are both the most heterogeneous and interesting.


Among all those bottles and labels are some of those designed by the Squembri agency; these are projects of amazing complexity. Recently, this Andalusian agency presented its design of the label for...READING MORE

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