The future of design is to create experiences focused on what makes us human


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European Brand and Packaging Design Association (EPDA), the largest organization in Europe representing branding and packaging agencies, organized its yearly congress in Madrid on May 18th, 2018.

Malgosia Leniarska


The theme of this year’s event was “Disruption in brand design? – the impact of digitalization”. Digitalisation is obviously a fact and we all know its influence on communication. Yet its impact on brand design has not been wildly discussed, even though in our daily business we all see new challenges it caused – new consumer and client expectations, new competencies of designers, new agency models. Some call it new opportunities, some fear the change – that’s why our idea was to invite branding experts from all over the world – both from Client’s and agencies’ sides - to share and discuss their point of view on the issue.

And indeed - we heard some really interesting ones. One of the participants said: in times when the word “inspiration” is so overused and often meaningless, this conference was really inspiring.

The key learning from the conference can be expressed in one sentence: The future of design in the world that is digital is to create experiences focused on WHAT MAKES US HUMAN.


Human aspect was predominant in almost all the presentations:


· About being business romantic (so value the power of unnecessary, create intimacy, not only be known, suffering (a littleJ) to be human

· about branding being more human-centric: so going from slogans to brand purpose, from using just a logo to creating own language that consumer can engage with

· about creating delightful experiences that will have the power to create memories.

Humans are usually afraid of changes, thus there might be some fear connected with the influence of digital on design, but as one of the speakers pointed out “Digital goes fast and doesn’t ask for permission” – so there is no other option but embracing the change , as the borders of real and virtual just vanish on our eyes.

And after all the good news is that, unlike advertising, design can’t be “skipped”!



Malgosia Leniarska is Managing Director at Dragon Rouge and Epda Board Member.


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