The maximum distinction in the Red Dot Awards 2018 for packaging comes to Barcelona



Excellence in packaging has a name, RED DOT AWARD, in its ‘Grand Prix’ category, the top prize in this international design competition. And this year, the award has been granted to a Spanish brand of olive oil, ed’o, and to a design studio in Barcelona, Mediactiu.


The Red Dot institution is responsible for organizing one of the most prestigious international competitions in design, both for product and packaging concepts and for visual communications campaigns. “This event could be thought of as the Oscars in the world of Branding and Design”, says Jordi Tarrats, General Manager of Mediactiu. The competition, created to offer designers, companies, organisations and universities the opportunity to demonstrate their creative potential for creating a design, building a brand or developing communications, has become consolidated internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good designs.


The jury of the Red Dot Awards is formed by 24 carefully-selected international experts. In order to offer the greatest rigour when selecting the winners, the works presented are not compared with each other and there is no pre-selection. To avoid conflicts of interest and guarantee the maximum possible level of impartiality and neutrality, the members of the jury have to commit to a Code of Honour, and they cannot present their own work or projects in which they have participated, directly or indirectly, so they will not evaluate their own work nor the work of potential competitors.


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