The “out-of-home” packaging market will reach 6,000 million Euros by 2020


CATEGORY: Retail and visibility in the linear BRAND: Asia Pulp & Paper

A report from Smithers Pira, “European Out-Of-Home Packaging Trends to 2022”, commissioned by Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), underscores the importance of the fast food and home delivery sectors, thanks to which the European “out-of-home” (OOH) packaging market continues to grow.

According to the report, this sector, which already achieved profits of 5,650 million in 2015, could hit 6,000 million Euros in 2020. 
The key to this growth is the increased consumption of fast food, both in conventional fast-food restaurants and in other establishments that are adopting this model under the name fast-casual restaurants. At the same time, home delivery services continue to expand, and stress packaging as an essential way to replicate the gastronomical experience of a restaurant in any setting. These two tendencies are so powerful that it is expected that they will dominate the restaurant sector by 2020.


Spain, which is leading the general European packaging market, reflects both of these trends. In this case, moreover, the economic crisis is one of the forces that has stimulated this type of consumption via on-line orders, which allow quality food to be obtained without leaving the house and with considerable discounts. In this country, where food services move 32,000 million Euros, the OOH packaging market represents 819 million Euros, with a predicted rate of growth of 1%.

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