The waste of before, our raw material of today and of the future


CATEGORY: Sustainability and environment BRAND: ITENE

In recent years, the generation of waste from food has become a social problem. The skin of the orange that we just squeezed, the shell of the egg that we just ate, the residues of pastries that we do not consume, cereal husks ... are just examples of things that we consume during any given day and that end up generating "Garbage" in the consumer and in the industry.


Pilar Albaladejo and Miriam Gallur - ITENE          


If we extrapolate it to industrial production, agricultural and livestock activity, shops, restaurants ... and if we also consider the expected population growth in the coming years, the sum of all the waste generated is an unreasonable amount and it is expected to continue increasing in the following years.


This waste has a great economic impact within the ...READING MORE

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