Theegarten-Pactec at Achema: integrated, systematic process solution


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At the Romaco Kilian stand (Hall 3, Stand B49) at Achema 2018 in Frankfurt (11 to 15 June), Theegarten-Pactec will be presenting a comprehensive solution for compressing powder to tabs with subsequent primary packaging in flow packs. The system incorporates the well-established packaging machine FPC5 with ancillary units by AZO and Romaco Kilian.

FPC5: a high-performance, integrated solution for compressing powder or granulate to tablets with subsequent packaging in flow packs.


At the core of the integrated system on show is the FPC5 high-performance packaging machine, which is able to package non-food and confectionery in flow packs with an output of 1,500 products per minute.

At Achema, the system will first compress powder to tablets and then take care of the packaging. The system is ideal not just for non-food articles such as dishwasher tabs, but also for packaging effervescent tablets and confectionery. It is also able to package stock cubes or milk powder cubes. In addition, the FPC5 has a formula management function. This allows saving of the various setting parameters for the relevant products. The settings can be restored automatically by selecting the product on the display. Harmonised interfaces between the different system components ensure an efficient production and packaging process. If insufficient powder is fed in, for example, the speed of the press and the packaging machine is automatically reduced.


Reliable and precise processing

Products made of compressed powder or granulate are highly sensitive and require especially carefully handling both in manufacture and packaging. This is why Theegarten-Pactec has selected reliable feed and processing systems for the solution as a whole. Powder feed is performed by an AZO system fitted with a pneumatic vacuum conveyor that uses vacuum pumps. The vacuum principle ensures reduced dust formation: this can be minimised even further by mounting an extraction unit directly at the filling funnel. Setting individual product-specific conveyor parameters is simple, thereby ensuring low-impact transport of the material to the Romaco Kilian press. The Kilian press then processes the powder based on precise volume dosage.

The FPC5 also features handling functions as well as protection from aggressive products and dust. In order to prevent soiling of the production environment by tab dust, the system has seals at all machine hoods. The machine is integrated in the customer's own extraction system, with harmful tab dust being extracted directly. The entire system is also easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning work, thereby ensuring that the very highest hygiene requirements are met. If necessary, the FPC5 can also be combined with other ancillary units. Complete retooling at a later stage is also possible.

The machine enables packaging of products in hot seal and cold seal foil as well as in water-soluble foil by means of so-called hot wire welding. The machine is even able to process the extremely thin and sensitive water-soluble foil at an output of 1,500 products per minute. The hot wire welding process ensures that products packaged in water-soluble foil do not have transverse sealing fins. This saves packaging material, and since the products are subsequently processed in a shrink tunnel, it is possible to produce packaging that is extremely tightly wrapped around the product.

Thanks to the modular structure of the machine, the changeover time of the sealing systems between the different packaging types is no more than 20 minutes. Switching between different product formats is also very fast. The extensive servo control is used to set format-related parameters such as packaging length and sealing temperature via the user interface based on the formula management system.

Defective products are rejected prior to the packaging process so as to prevent waste from being packaged. Splicing based precisely on the print image also ensures that less waste is generated when changing the packaging material.


The machine enables packaging of products in hot seal and cold seal foil as well as in water-soluble foil by means of so-called hot edge welding.


Comprehensive system expertise and integrated process solutions

By combining its reliable packaging machines with various different feed and storage components, the company is also able to offer its customers complete system solutions for initial packaging. In addition, the machine manufacturer is available as a partner for integrated for process solutions. For this purpose, Theegarten-Pactec is able to draw on its longstanding cooperation with market leaders in the field of process technology and secondary packaging. Here, experts collaborate to ensure all the processes along a production line are fully integrated – from feeding and wrapping through to boxing.


Theegarten-Pactec specializes in the design and construction of packaging machines for small pieced confectionery items. The company combines more than 20 different types of packaging with a broad performance spectrum. Apart from individual machines, the company also offers complete packaging lines as a turnkey partner. The following products can be packed or wrapped: hard candies, toffees, chewy sweets, chewing gums, chocolate products, and various other food and non-food products. Theegarten-Pactec has its headquarters in Dresden, Germany. Markus Rustler and Dr. Egbert Röhm manage the medium sized family business in its fourth generation. It has representatives in more than 100 countries around the world.



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