Traceability and data recording during distribution of goods



Given the great advances that have been made technologically, in recent years it is possible for companies to give a higher degree of quality by monitoring different variables during the transport of goods and even reduce costs through traceability during the distribution cycle, allowing them to know where the goods are at all times.


Miguel Ángel Alférez - ITENE


Understanding traceability as the localization of products in real time, thanks to this it is possible to reconstruct the entire process from production to final sale. In this field, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is commonly used, the purpose of which is to transmit the identity of an object through radio waves. It uses devices called tags, which have an antenna and an RFID transmitter-receiver chip. One of the main advantages of this technology compared to the most common so far, which is the barcode, is that there is no need for direct vision between the transmitter and receiver. In addition, this technology makes ... READING MORE

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