Trends in consumption and packaging of fruits and vegetables


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Nowadays, fruits and vegetables products can be found in the market under different categories. The most common commercial presentation of fresh fruits and vegetables products is in whole pieces which are sold either in bulk or packaged in grams or kilos formats. This category of fruit and vegetable products is known as the first range.


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The second-range products refer to canned vegetables, where they undergo a sterilization treatment and an airtight packaging. In this situation, these products have a long expiration time unless tightness is lost. On the other hand, the third-range fruit and vegetable products refer to those products that are sold frozen at temperatures of -18ºC and that normally have a duration of several months.


In recent years, the fruit and vegetable industry has been innovating in the generation of new products as a result of social changes and consumer habits that have created new demands. In this regard, it can be mentioned the minimally processed fruits and vegetables (IV range) that are just washed, peeled, cut and packaged thus maintaining the characteristics of freshness. Its main advantage is that they are fresh, sanitized and absolutely ready-to-eat products, thus combining ease of use with safety in consumption. Among them there is a wide variety of products, usually packaged under modified atmosphere and under refrigeration conditions (between 1-4°C) to achieve a conservation of 7-10 days. Another range of fruit and vegetable products that has appeared in recent years are V range products. They are subjected to ...READING MORE

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