Wanjie installs its first machine in Germany


CATEGORY: Labels BRAND: Grupo Impryma

Specifically, the machine has been acquired by the company Wilkri Etiketten (Reuftlingen, Baden-Wurtemberg), a family business with 75 employees that has been printing very high quality self-adhesive labels since 1969.

With almost 3,000 clients, it uses flexo UV, digital and waterless offset technologies, and has now incorporated wet offset provided by Wanjie, having taken this decision after carrying out very strict printing tests with several manufacturers of offset presses.


The values that define Wilkri Etiketten are absolute reliability, 100% client-oriented, high-quality products, a flexible service with short delivery times, and environmental and sustainability ISO certificates.


As Felix Prieto, General Manager of Wanjie Europe and managing director of the Impryma Group, said, “this is undoubtedly one of our most important sales in Europe, since it signifies our entry into the very demanding German market”.


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