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CATEGORY: Interviews with consumer brands BRAND: Coty

Coty is one of the biggest companies in the world dedicated to beauty products. This centennial company, born in Paris and with its headquarters in New York, has iconic products in cosmetics and in skin and body care, and its motto is “to celebrate and liberate the diversity of your beauty”. What is Coty’s view regarding the packaging for its products?

INFOPACK: Coty currently has three divisions. What are they?

MIGUEL LOMBARDO: This is correct. There is Coty Consumer Beauty, which concentrates on colour make-up and fragrances for the mass market, and includes brands such as Adidas, Bourjois, Covergirl, Max Factor and Rimmel; Coty Luxury, centred on prestige fragrances and brands of skin care such as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Chloé, Escada, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Lancaster, Lacoste, Marc Jacobs and philosophy; and Coty Professional Beauty, focussed on serving beauticians and owners of beauty parlours for both hair and nail care, including brands like ghd, OPI, Sebastian Professional and Wella Professionals.

But I must point out that the packaging requirements vary, not only between the different divisions, but also between different brands in the same division, although there is a common concern; sustainability, which has a remarkable impact on all aspects of packaging.


IP: Packaging is a promise of what the consumer will find inside it. It must comply. Does this affect the design of the packaging in any way? Does good packaging help to sell?

ML: When a consumer goes into a store and finds the immense range of products on display, there is no doubt that packaging is a key point when it comes to capturing his or her attention, it is the introduction to the product that is inside the packaging.

When we design new packaging, we consider factors such as the impact on the consumer, the publicity message that we want to transmit, and how the packaging can stay in line with the values of the brand. READ MORE AT

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