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"Redesigning a brand like La Tarifeña is an exciting challenge and, moreover, not a simple task. Their goal is clear: to strengthen leadership and evolve their branding to continue connecting with their current public in addition to new generations, who require more closeness and transparency."

For Industrial Conservera de Tarifa, a company with a long tradition in fish preserves hailing from the province of Cadiz, 2019 was a year of many changes, especially with the incorporation of José Manuel Morales in Sales and Marketing. In his own words, "one of the most significant changes in a company with so many years of history was to redesign the packaging, especially in the case of the olive oil line, because the one we had did not fit with the new strategy that we had set ourselves. To accomplish this, we relied on the professionalism and fine work of Alfonso Pereira, whose mandate was to maintain the traditional appeal and conservative character of the company, but to do so using up-to-date and streamlined packaging." In addition, this modification also serves to provide a clear image of the brand, one in which the end consumer can identify the logo of Conservera de Tarifa, in addition to the color of each product, red being for mackerel, olive green for Melva de Almadraba and Canutera varieties, and blue for tuna. For other products, orange was used, as in the case of Melva Canutera en Salsa Catalana.


According to Morales,"with these new packs, we have taken a great step for the According to Morales, "with these new packs, we have taken a major step intended to keep the customer loyal to Canservera de Tarifa and continue to see us as a quality preserve, artisanal but with a more attractive image. It is a very positive evolution, since the customer knows and values the quality that is in each can of products from Conservera de Tarifa, in addition to the artisanal character of our products, displaying the Geographic Protection Seal for each species".


Thus, when the meeting with the designer took place, "he conveyed to us that, for him, redesigning a brand like the Tarifeña was an exciting challenge, as well as difficult; he was able to grasp from the start that our goal is to strengthen brand leadership and evolve our branding to continue connecting with our existing users while attracting younger generations, who demand closeness and transparency."


Given the foregoing, the designer set out to recover the essence of a brand that dates back to 1910 "with the dual objective of getting the consumer to reconnect with that image of a lifetime and to lend greater clarity to the product line so that new consumers will grasp what the variety of colors indicate and so aid in differentiating each type of product."



Regarding the packaging architecture, Alfonso Pereira commented that "I’ve created a visual architecture so that the packaging will be easy to interpret and understand on the retail shelf across all varieties. We also segment using color and series of blurbs of text that serve to highlight the virtues of each product family.



In this way, Morales explains, "when we replaced the entire range of olive oils with the new packaging on retail shelves, we observed that we indeed captured the interest of consumers, even when there were not existing consumers of our preserves, which means the design is something that encourages them to try our product; and that's precisely the impact we sought to make with our strategy."



Regarding the final result, José Manuel Morales goes on to say that "we at Conservera de Tarifa are delighted with the work done by Alfonso Pereira. This breakthrough in the redesign of the packaging of the olive range under the brand umbrella of La Tarifeña is the beginning of a change to a new era in Canservera de Tarifa, in which strategy is set by marketing management, and the resulting marketing is paying off. Surely in the medium term we will make some more changes in the packaging of some of our brands, and we will continue to rely on the human and professional talents of Alfonso Pereira, who was able to capture our peculiar idiosyncrasies and our conservative character."



Alfonso Pereira, packaging designer for La Tarifeña, has been delivering on projects for large companies for a decade, especially in the design of branding and packaging for products in the food and spirits industry segments.


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