Which closure is the most adequate to our product?



Closure systems are the final component of the packing process, and there is no doubt caps and lids represent one of the most important parts to ensure product’s integrity. In other words, a key component in order to achieve reaching the final consumer keeping products’ original quality conditions.


This means, preserving taste, smell, colour and visual aspects of the product. Closure’s systems usually offer a tamper evident device in order to ensure security to the client. Moreover, caps and lids can confer a unique role to the product through the external appearance and functionality. However, how can we tell which closure is the most adequate to our product? How do we know which aspect is the most important to focus on? Which options do we have?


Rosa y Pau Camilleri - ITENE


Closure’s systems market is large, there are many different industries implied such as food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. According to Business wire, a company focused in industrial news, estimates that plastic closure system’s market had a turnover of US$ 35.2 Billion (1) by 2017.


When having a look to the materials used in closure’s systems, there are many options...READING MORE

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