Wine and poetry: a tribute to the land of Castile


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Apartamento para Tres

The wine brand “Caminante” is a personal project that emerged from the studio “Apartamento para tres” (An apartment for three) for two main reasons: our liking for one of the best products produced in our home region, and the determination to change its “old fashioned” image, drawing it closer to the present and to young people, who are increasingly wine drinkers.


Juan José Zamora and Israel Benito


Once the basis of the project was clear, the next step was to develop the concept, philosophy and name of the brand. This was not difficult for us, either, and we immediately agreed that we wanted to offer a tribute to Castile, our home, of which we are so proud that we would like it to be better known; a land with many hectares of vineyards where, if we are to be honest, some of the best wines in the world are produced.


On the other hand, we wanted to “breathe life” into a triplet of wines: a young wine, an aged wine and a reserve wine, in order to better cover the market, so that a greater number of consumers could enjoy them.


So, we had to find a name...READING MORE

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