Wine labels: boundless creativity


CATEGORY: Retail and visibility in the linear BRAND: Puigdemont Roca

Every case is different, but it is obvious that the first thing that a winery wants when they come to Puigdemont Roca (Barcelona) is to beat their competitors, to differentiate themselves, so that people see them better; and that is our job.



Albert Puigdemont


But in our packaging and branding agency, we insist that each client has his own needs, and we must adapt to them. At the same time, we always present graphical route maps when we detect the needs for communication in the client’s concept; we are very proactive in this regard, it is a key factor.


One thing that is beyond doubt is the importance of packaging and labelling in the marketing of a product. But it is equally clear to us that the product must be good; good packaging without a good product to back it up is no use at all, while the opposite is also true: a good product with inadequate packaging is no use either. That is why it is so important to keep a balanced perspective and to know what you are doing, because you are designing your client’s future!


When it comes to the world of wines, the essential point, without a doubt, is that we find ourselves in a very competitive market sector in which the design of the packaging is fundamental in winning the competition in the sales aisles.

We can see several design tendencies in this field,...READING MORE

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