Wine labels that capture the essence of Galicia


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Some time ago, Bodegas Gallegas called on Grantipo to solve a conflict with some of their subsidiary brands. After Grantipo analysed the situation and devised a strategy, over 40 wine labels have been designed or re-designed.


Sergio Daniel García


At this moment, Bodegas Gallegas has a solid, coherent brand image that makes them a point of reference in their category.


Sonrío cuando llueve

The Galician climate is not always good, unlike the humour of the people there.

Sonrio cuando llueve, Smiling in the Rain. The Galicians have an amazing number of words to describe different varieties of weather, especially rainy conditions: Bretema, neboa, neboeiro, nebra, zarrazina, babuxa, chivisca, chiviscada,... The list seems endless.

But all these words have... READ MORE

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