20,000 batches of food products is launched, in boxes donated by cluster members


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The initiative is possible thanks to the joint work of different administrations and entities

Throughout this week, 20,000 batches will be distributed in Barcelona with food products, health recommendations, information on municipal services in the face of the COVID-19 crisis and information on food sales and delivery services to people over 70 chronically ill and confined people who are affected by COVID19. The initiative “Cistella contra el COVID” aims to minimize as much as possible that these people have to go out and make the purchase, thus reducing the risk of contagion.


Overall, the objective is to offer resources to three of the most vulnerable groups as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people who in many cases did not need a healthcare support network before this situation, have seen their vulnerability increase and do not have of help to make the purchase.


The initiative is possible thanks to the joint work of different administrations and entities

The “Cistelles contra el COVID” action has brought together twenty entities and companies that have participated in a disinterested way, contributing the products and facilitating different tasks to create in two weeks a logistics circuit that can respond to the groups that need it during this crisis and that it be applicable to other crisis situations and needs.


The Mercabarna market has been responsible for channeling the donation of wholesalers of fresh produce, as well as agricultural cooperatives in the Agrarian Park. The TEB cooperative, an expert in food handling, collaborates in the project by packaging the fresh product.


Besides, Font Packaging, Hinojosa Pacs, Saica Pack and DS Smith, grouped through Packaging Cluster, have provided the 20,000 boxes and the necessary material to prepare the batches. Kao Chimigraf supports this action by joining it and donating its inks.

The most numerous group, which will receive around 10,000 boxes, are people over 70 selected according to various criteria: having dependency or disability, living alone or with a partner, and the existence or not of a support network (family or neighborhood) to make food purchases. In order to identify the group, in recent days a team of informants from the Citizen Attention Offices of the Barcelona City Council, with the support of other municipal workers, have made calls to people selected according to the aforementioned criteria, and a questionnaire has been conducted to identify your needs.



The other 10,000 boxes are intended for chronically ill patients who are especially at risk for contagion due to their underlying pathology and who do not have support to receive food at home, and people with symptoms of COVID-19 who have to do a strict confinement for 14 days, in such a way that the health of both themselves and the people with whom they live can be minimized.


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