3D perfume packaging inspired by Formula 1


CATEGORY: Branding & Design

A daring project blending art, technology, design and olfactory creativity while testing additive manufacturing in the world of perfumery. A unique and evocative way to tell the story and provide the feel of Formula One racing through aroma. This is the first time this technology has been used to enhance a fragrance.

Formula 1 has allied with Designer Parfums to create a line of unique fragrances for launch in March 2020. Designer Ross Lovegrove is the creator behind these three exclusive limited-edition pieces of 3D printed packaging, inspired by the world of motorsport, uniting technology and motion.


Formula 1's advanced engineering, sleek lines and the power of shape and form provided a host of sources of inspiration for visionary designer Ross Lovegrove, who has been in charge of designing the packaging for the three 3D-printed artworks. At the time of production,... READING MORE

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