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Interview with Raquel Ruiz Espinosa, Director of Communications and Marketing at Hispanobodegas

Hispanobodegas is a small winemaking group that our guest interviewee joined just over two years ago, fascinated by the work being led by Juan Rivero. The group owns wines in the D.O. of Ribera del Duero, Rueda and Rioja, and since its founding in 2004 has been through several phases, the most significant and impactful being "our change in the 'V', meaning the change from selling Volume to selling Value, which has meant changing our entire business proposition and making large investments in facilities," says Raquel Ruiz.


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INFOPACK: After doing our research for the interview, we have no doubt that we are before a winemaking consortium with a very marked character, one that stands out for its great respect for the product, wine. To orient our readers: Where does Hispanobodegas fall on the Spanish winery landscape?

RAQUEL RUIZ: We are really a consortium comprised of three small wineries: Valdelacierva (Rioja), Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz (Ribera del Duero) and Garcigrande (Rueda). We are aware that we are not well-known in FMCG terms. On the contrary, we tend to shy away from that environment, as it detracts value and is geared to mass production. We know what we want to be and what we can become. That's differentiating for us. The idea of "to each winery, its wine" is one we adhere to, and that has helped us to give each winemaker and each wine its own distinct personality. The group provides us with diversity in offering and variety and enrichment, as well as 100% Spanish-based investment capital. We own our own vineyards, as well as having agreements with other winegrowers. In La Rioja, for example, we possess a unique local appellation (the highest quality classification in wines) for two vineyards: Montepedriza and Cantogordo. By the numbers, we are speaking of roughly 200 hectares of Rioja wine, another 232 hectares of Ribera del Duero, and 79 for Rueda. The bulk of sales is destined...READING MORE AT

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