'A container packed in a sleeve is a great brand differentiator'



Interview with Julia Ovelar, CEO of OVELAR, a leading family business in the printing sector, located in Arganda del Rey, Madrid, with a history of 53 years in graphic arts.

We have wanted to find out more about Ovelar for some time now. The company is based in Arganda del Rey, Madrid, and has over 50 years’ experience in the graphic arts. A few years ago, it made a strategic decision: to stop printing labels and to replace them with sleeves and film. This was a pioneering decision at the time, and today Ovelar is recognised in the sector as the main reference for sleeves in the Iberian market. To find out more about this, we talked to Julia Ovelar, the CEO of the company. 


INFOPACK: When you mention Ovelar, you immediately think about sleeves. But how is the company positioned in the Iberian market? 

JULIA OVELAR: Today, we have three distinct business lines: Paper Rolls, Sleeves and Films and Retail. 

The first is for paper, especially thermal, used in POS rolls, advertising rolls, ATMs, cash registers and car parks, for example. This is a steady market, with little change in consumption over time, so our projection for the future is for this to continue. 


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