A dynamic duo


CATEGORY: packaging systems BRAND: Schubert

The robot-assisted solution combines two case packers in a single line and offers the flexibility required for numerous product formats. With the newly developed automated packaging solution, Tören also saves up to 25 per cent in material.



Turkish confectionery producer Tören is a prime example of global growth: Since it was founded in 2003, the young Anatolian company has prospered steadily – and is catching up with traditionally long-established industry giants year after year. But growth also calls for change: The more sales of the chocolate specialities increased, the more it became necessary for the packaging process to achieve the desired throughputs. Today, the company’s products are exported worldwide. And the required quantities of chocolate bars, wafers, coconut bars and chocolate creams could no longer be managed manually. In their search for an automated and highly flexible system, the management team led by company founder Mehmet Tören found what they were looking for in...YOU CAN CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE. YOU CAN REGISTER TO SEE ALL THE CONTENTS AT

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