“A Good Packaging Should Inspire Trust In The Treatment And The Medicine”


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Interviewing Lucía Morandeira, Almirall's Global Packaging & Design Specialist

Skin health is synonymous with Almirall, a medical dermatology focused global pharmaceutical company founded almost eight decades ago in Barcelona. It partners with healthcare professionals to provide medical solutions especially to unmet needs.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: Although it complements its portfolio with other therapeutic divisions, such as central nervous system, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal, amongst others, Almirall is a leading skin health company within the pharmaceutical industry in. Is this leading position reflected in any way in its packaging concept? How important is R&D&I in this area for the company?

LUCÍA MORANDEIRA: R&D is certainly one of the strategic pillars of the company and, therefore, it directs its efforts towards developing and providing up-to-date innovation. This applies to the entire length of value chains. In this sense, we seek to create new innovative packaging concepts that...READING MORE AT

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