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CATEGORY: JAVIER ZABALETA, managing director of itene BRAND: ITENE

The new legislation on packaging, such as the Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil, the draft Royal Decree on Packaging and Packaging Waste and the draft Law on Prevention of Food Loss and Waste represent a paradigm shift in the field of packaging.

In the short term, companies will have to face a series of challenges arising from the new legislation. For example, in January 2023, a new tax will come into force for the manufacture, intra-community acquisition or import of non-reusable plastic packaging containing virgin plastic (payment of €0.45 per kg of non-recycled plastic). Likewise, in 2024, beverage containers of up to 3 liters capacity may only be placed on the market if the lids and caps remain attached to the container during use (glass and metal containers and those for special medical purposes are excluded); and in 2025, at least 65% of all packaging must be recycled, so that their design must be improved to make them 100% recyclable.

To this must be added the operational function that packaging must fulfill, which must be properly adjusted and optimized, and its strategic function for such important aspects as differentiation at the point of sale. To meet all these challenges with guarantees, companies need professionals with a comprehensive vision of the packaging value chain. 

These professionals will help to implement the latest trends in packaging at a key moment in which regulatory aspects and sustainability in materials and processes are of great relevance. In order for companies to have this profile of highly qualified professionals in the field of packaging, the ITENE technology center and the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology of the Spanish National Research Center (IATA-CSIC) have been organizing the Master's Degree in Packaging Technology since 1996.

Starting this coming October we will celebrate the 15th edition, which will be the third in online format after 12 face-to-face courses. ITENE thus fulfills its mission of knowledge and technology transfer through a comprehensive training for professionals in areas related to packaging or working in companies where packaging has a high impact.

Between October 2022 and July 2023, students will receive 300 hours of theoretical and practical content taught by more than a hundred teachers from the entire packaging value chain, including experts from ITENE and IATA-CSIC and 75 professors from companies, universities and research centers. In addition, we will also hear testimonials from 30 leading companies in their sector and will hold online practical sessions in ITENE's laboratories.

At the end of the master, students will carry out a final project that will combine all the knowledge acquired during the course, which will be based on a business approach in the field of packaging, and which will be related to their area of activity.

Join us if you want to be the packaging expert the industry needs! We are waiting for you.


Javier Zabaleta

Director gerente de Itene

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