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Nowadays no one doubts that “Sustainability fits in a bottle”. This is the message sent by Alberto Lozano, Sr. Manager, Procurement - Packaging Containers International & Commodities of Beam Suntory, a world-renowned company in the spirits industry, known for its iconic brands such as Larios, DYC, Jim Beam or Bowmore, among many others, in an interesting interview (on the cover) that we invite you to read.

We took the pulse of coding and marking, an essential industry that every product launched on the market must go through, through a round table organized by InfoPack and Hispack, with the aim of highlighting that technology providers in the Coding and marking have not stood still, but have used the intense legislative regulation that we are experiencing as inspiration for sustainable innovation. And we would also like to highlight the detailed report prepared by ITENE on “Barrier food packaging”: various initiatives in this field are not only improving food safety and reducing waste, but are also promoting the circular economy and the adoption of more efficient practices. responsible in the food packaging sector.




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