Alhambra Reserva Baltic Porter: an award-winning design


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Ntity

Baltic Porter is the latest creation of Alhambra Beers. An intense beer, with personality, to enjoy with time, created for people with restlessness to discover and taste beers that defy the senses.

The design is an artistic interpretation of the liquid. The abstract image seeks to convey the sensations that such a peculiar beer provides: density, smoky nuances, a mixture of dark aromas.

Its design is evocative, and it translates with an abstract visual language the main organoleptic attributes of the liquid: from the experimentation with watercolor spots an image emerges that anticipates the nuances of chocolate, roasted cereals or caramel from the roasted malts of Baltic Porter.

The bottle maintains the characteristic silhouette of its most iconic product, 1925, and makes the sensual curve emblem of the brand, along with the relief that is reserved in this series to highlight the logo of Cervezas Alhambra on the neck,

For this work, developed by Ntity in collaboration with China Partners, CERVEZAS ALHAMBRA has been awarded the Gold WORLD BEER AWARD 2019 for the design of the labeland also de Silver WORLD BEER AWARD 2019 for the design of the Bottle.



Ntity helps their clients build solid brands, real entities. They use design as a tool to elicit emotion, enabling the brand to reach into their customers’ hearts. “That is our raison d´être. A one-of-a-kind team: creative, committed, responsible, professional and devoted. Honest, straight-forward and transparent. Fun to be with too! That’s us”.


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