Alufoil Trophy 2020: Innovation in Aluminium Foil


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The winners have been chosen – and the entries awarded with an Alufoil Trophy 2020 once again demonstrate the wide range of applications and uses to which this truly flexible material can be successfully applied. As the most important competition for innovation and performing excellence in the sector, the Alufoil Trophy, this year, attracted a very diverse range of products across the five categories.

From the purely marketing to purely engineering, and including outstanding environmental responsibility, every aspect of aluminium foil was scrutinised by the judges, who were headed by Veith Behrmann, Group Packaging Manager for Nestlé Nespresso. Commenting on the overall results Behrmann said, “Aluminium foil is a very multi-talented material and the entries in this year’s Alufoil Trophy showed just how clever innovators are at coming up with fresh ideas. In particular we were impressed by the potential for some of these products to be applied to wider markets.


We felt two entries, one packaging and one automotive application, were so worthy of recognition, that special awards for Innovative Use of Aluminium Foil were given. A special gas bag made from an alufoil laminate, in a new suspension system for Mercedes Benz, plus a range of reusable dining plates to replace disposable plastic and paper ones, show just why aluminium foil is so special and has innovation potential,” he added.


Speaking about the awards Guido Aufdemkamp, executive director of the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), organisers of the competition said: “The issues of sustainability and resource efficiency are at the top of the agenda for packaging material suppliers especially now. So we were not surprised to receive multiple entries in the Resource Efficiency category where we had two winners in the end. But it was also good to see exciting marketing applications and clever products addressing real modern consumer needs taking well deserved awards.


The competition is open to products which are either made from aluminium foil or contain aluminium foil as part of a laminate, structure or packaging system, as well as aluminium closures. Categories cover every aspect of aluminium foil usage across many diverse markets. The classifications are Consumer Convenience; Marketing + Design; Product Protection; Resource Efficiency; and Technical Innovation. The judges also have discretion to award an Alufoil Trophy for products displaying excellence across a number of categories, or for an outstanding or clever application.


Trofeo Alufoil 2020: the winners


• Consumer Convenience: easy pouring lid system boosts convenience

The EasyDoseLid from Constantia Flexibles received an award for its lidding system, designed for solid consumer food products stored in liquids, such as mozzarella cheese, pickled cheese, pickles and olives, which become easily separable from the liquid thanks to this novel pouring system. Due to the special shape of the lidding the liquid element can be poured before taking out the solid content.



Marketing & Design: closure is the perfect mix of modern and traditional materials

Guala Closures Group received the award for its Savin Prestige range of aluminium screwcap closures. The concept consists of combining a closure made with an aluminium shell together with a top insert made of a different material, such as wood or fabric, to enhance its aesthetics and create original and eclectic combinations. The concept can be applied to standard aluminium closures for wine and spirits and allows the creation of a personal style or customization of the closure.



Resource Efficiency: Radical redesign and responsible sourcing for resource efficiency

The i2r Packaging Solutions gained an award for its UltraTM, an innovative, smoothwall aluminium foil container, intended for packaging high quality 'ready to cook' convenience products including red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, BBQ food and desserts. Three key design features were applied to add a significant amount of additional structural strength and an overall reduction in pack weight.



A joint development with the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) organization, Nespresso and selected mining corporations has won Amcor an award for an ASI aluminium coffee capsule, which will be marketed by Nespresso. The capsule uses ASI certified aluminium to improve the sustainability position of product and brand. The initiative creates a chain of custody as the whole process needs to be certified and can set a standard for the whole industry.



• Technical Innovation: sidewall embossing adds new dimension to smaller containers

Constantia Flexibles won for its novel 3D sidewall embossing technology. This enables the introduction of branding or messages on smaller aluminium foil portion packs without having to print, as well as offering both optic and haptic differentiation, which makes the product stand out on the sales shelf. The impression of the embossed design may also appear on the product – depending on its texture, fill level and composition.



• Discretionary Award: Innovative Use of Aluminium Foil: innovative engineering and food service solutions are top alufoil performers

Contital won this prize for the introduction of a range of recyclable ‘aluminium plates’ as a credible and economic alternative to disposable dining plates which are non- recyclable. The patented product range has been developed with specific technical characteristics to ensure strength despite the low thickness and to withstand the stress of transportation, sealing and storage, as well as heating and freezing.



Wipf has received an Alufoil Trophy on its work to develop a totally new suspension system, with its aluminium foil Gasbag for E-Active Body Control technology, for Mercedes-Benz’s latest GLE model. The system, which incorporates the gasbag, influences the lift and yaw of the car body when cornering, accelerating and braking. The gasbag features a layer of high-density aluminium foil and several layers of various polyamide films. The aluminium assures very high impermeability to gas while preserving mechanical, thermal, and chemical stability in hydraulic fluid.


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