“At Bella Aurora we are highly attuned to the need for the responsible use natural resources.”


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Interview with Ana Lasierra, Packaging Manager at Bella Aurora Labs

"For youth, beauty and freshness, Bella Aurora every day" is a motto that became famous in Spain during the first decades of the 21st century, when Bella Aurora anti-blemish cream first arrived in our country and quickly took a place in the buying habits of its target audience. Today, Bella Aurora Labs is a world-renowned brand in skin lightening products.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: The truth is that the first thing that surprised me when I was conducting research for this interview is that the company hails from the 19th century. What is Bella Aurora?

ANA LASIERRA: Bella Aurora has been the leading cosmetic brand in the treatment of skin blemishes since 1890. The company has various product lines: hygiene, anti-aging, anti-blemish treatments and sunscreen products. All of them, beyond meeting the requirements of the line to which they belong, contain anti-blemish compounds to offer a comprehensive treatment to consumers.


IP: Packaging is the promise of what consumers will find inside. It must be up to par. Does this somehow condition a container when designing it? Does good packaging help to sell?

AL: Without a doubt packaging helps to sell. Display facing is a hotly debated issue in the design of any packaging. A good design should consider...READING MORE

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