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CATEGORY: Interviews with consumer brands BRAND: Bodegas Murviedro

Interview with Jordi Montserrat, Chief Marketing Officer at Murviedro


We are visiting Valencian lands to learn more about a unique winery looking to celebrate its centenary in 2027: Bodegas Murviedro. Located in the historic centre of Requena, Murviedro pays homage to the historical legacy of the territory by representing Requena castle and its walls in its logo, thus reinforcing its link with its origins. This entire cultural baggage has a direct effect on the image of its increasingly famous wines.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: “The best way to look to the future is by recovering the essence of our past”. Is this Murviedro's motto?

JORDI MONTSERRAT: The inspiration for Bodegas Murviedro is the land, its people, its culture and terroir. Pursuing that inspiration, we have embarked on a long journey focused on the territory, the origin of...READING MORE AT

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