Bio-based inks for the 2030 packaging


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The sustainability in packaging is currently the driving force behind an increased market demand. Sustainable packaging (or green packaging) reduces the use of energy and minimises the harmful environmental effects of the materials used in the packaging manufacture. Unlike traditional packaging, green packaging also has a lower carbon footprint, which improves human and ecological sustainability in the long term.

Jesús Palenzuela and Inmaculada Lorente - ITENE


One of the main factors driving the green packaging market is the growing awareness of the environment protection and sustainable living. This new paradigm, together with public policies and new governmental legislation in favour of environmental sustainability, pushes the industry into the use of renewable resources in new development processes.



In this article, we show you different projects that are working to reduce the environmental impact of printing inks in different areas.


Printing inks are a fine dispersion of pigments or dye derivatives in a liquid medium of variable viscosity commonly known as varnish. Inks are made up of different components and the nature of these components will depend greatly on the printing system, the type of substrate used, the technical requirements of the printing process, colour shades, etc.


As sustainability is currently the driving force behind an...READING MORE AT

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