Challenges and opportunities for the nanotechnology value chain in 2020



Nanotechnology, considered as a key enabling technology (KET), plays a fundamental role in the development of new products and processes in a wide range of industrial sectors, promoting innovation and technological progress in the industry in a significant way.

Beatriz Lopéz Casorrán - ITENE



Its importance lies in the extraordinary optical, mechanical, magnetic, electrical, thermal and/or biological properties of nanomaterials (NMs), understood as materials in the size range between 1 and 100 nm (1 nm = 10-9 m), and whose incorporation into products such as cosmetics, plastics, concrete and cement, paints or medical devices, allows the industry to develop materials with new or improved properties.


There are currently more than 5,000 products on the market containing NMs. In terms of industrial production, there are...READING MORE

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