Challenges and solutions in sustainability: mono-materials and biodegradable packaging


CATEGORY: Sustainability and environment BRAND: SPGroup

It is well-known that flexible, high-barrier, multilayer films are difficult to recycle during a variety of sorting processes. For this reason, in order to increase their sustainability and recyclability, new packaging is being developed and is evolving towards the use of mono-materials or biodegradable molecular structures, much easier to classify.


María de Guía Blanco


Concerning mono-material packaging, their molecular composition is based on a single polymer, which together with the formulation of novel, high-barrier mechanisms are the keys to achieving higher levels of recyclability. The current situation is that at present we can only add high PCR contents, safe for food contact, to APET compositions. For its part, PE PCR cannot yet be used or processed properly. However, upcoming tax rules will act to promote the production of...READING MORE



María de Guía Blanco is a Technical Lead for R+D+i projects at SP Group, a company that since its inception in 1985 has experienced considerable growth, placing it among the leading companies in the flexible, semi-rigid and rigid plastic packaging industry in the Spanish market, with a large international presence.

With its consolidated base in Córdoba, SP Group currently employs a workforce of over 700 employees and has a large sales network that increases year after year. Currently it has branch delegations in Spain, Portugal, France, Benelux, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia and Central Africa.



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