Choosing packaging materials that support climate and circularity


CATEGORY: Packaging materials BRAND: UPM Raflatac

Due to regulatory, environmental and consumer demands, more producers than ever before are looking at their packaging and questioning how changes can be made to align with climate and circularity goals.

Here Andrea Irazabal, Sustainability Manager at UPM Raflatac shows how brands are integrating sustainability into the packaging identity, using real-life examples.



With more than half of consumers saying they consider the environmental impact of packaging in their purchasing decisions (1), it is no wonder that more and more companies are looking at their processes as a whole, to see where they can reduce emissions and waste and promote circularity. For producers wanting to make their primary and secondary packaging including labelling more sustainable, there are a variety of things to be taken into account when evaluating materials. These can include their level of recyclability, their carbon footprint, the type of resource used to create them, the availability of that resource and the production processes required to develop the final packaging.


To support circular economy, more and more producers are looking at ways to reduce raw material use in smart ways, to use renewable raw materials, to recycle materials in circulation and to reuse packaging. An example of how...READING MORE AT

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