Consumer perception in times of Covid



From the moment we wake up until we go to bed we are constantly bombarded by advertisements of all kinds: on TV, on social networks, on the road... 


This has caused us to lose attention to them: we have created a shield that protects us from information overload. If we add to this the new situation, we find ourselves in, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a drastic impact on consumer behaviour and spending, we can conclude that companies face an imminent challenge regarding the perception of value.


Laura Esteban - ITENE


A closer look at the market reveals that 85% of new products fail and only 15% remain, according to Nielsen's study, Breakthrough Innovation. Moreover, if there is something that "takes away the sleep" of companies in the food and beverage industry is to seek new alternatives to innovate in a market where virtually everything is created. In that process, many take the risk of doing so, with a very low chance of success.


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