Convergence of print markets: Is it inevitable?


CATEGORY: Fairs BRAND: drupa

Be it physical or online – drupa will further strengthen its pre-eminent position as the ‘Olympic Games’ of Printing, while at the same time highlighting the convergence of markets

Jean Poncet


Today, in addition to printing in the classical sense, other areas are growing: exhibitors are offering 3D printing machines that do not “print” colours or texts to surfaces, but instead print in 3D shapes. Gutenberg must be rolling over in his grave! Erez Zimmerman, the CEO of ‘Massivit 3D’ and specialist in large-format 3D printing, once told us at a fair in Munich: "We will surprise drupa with new products and innovations". Undoubtedly that leaves us wondering what the relationship is between the creation of...READING MORE AT

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