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CATEGORY: Printing and labeling BRAND: Livingstone

The industrial labels sector in Spain is fragmented: out of 127 companies, only 45 had more than €5M revenues and only seven exceeded €20M.

Diego Moreno


In this context, capex requirements to adapt to shorter runs, fewer stock, new types of packaging (smart and sustainable) and to implement environmental measures in the plants, as well as a significant price competition in a context of rising raw material costs, are factors that may drive a long-awaited sectorial consolidation process.

However, the M&A processes are not only a reaction to these challenges: they allow companies to acquire complementary technologies and gain flexibility in production using the most appropriate technology for each job, to expand their product portfolio and have a...YOU CAN CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE. YOU CAN REGISTER TO SEE ALL THE CONTENTS AT

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