Corrugated board – an all-rounder


CATEGORY: Retail Packaging BRAND: FachPack

Corrugated board is essential when it comes to packaging materials for shop-based retail. In addition to its value for transport and logistics, it also plays an important part in customer acquisition.

© Istock - Vudhikul Ocharoen


Corrugated board accounts for two-thirds of the transport packaging used in Germany – the most popular material by far. As a secondary packaging material it is benefiting more than any other from the growth in online trading. Even so, the importance of its role in shop-based sales is often underestimated. In retail premises, it is both a tool for logistics and a means of advertising – whether to separate it from an adjacent product or to make the job of shelf stocking faster, for use as stackable boxes and trays, display boxes, stand-up displays and even entire display layouts.


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