Coverpla embarks with FiiLiT travel fragrances


CATEGORY: Perfumery / Cosmetics & Home Care BRAND: Coverpla

In the alternative fragrance world, FiiLiT is having a field day with its dreamlike travel fragrances. They have been developed, from essence to packaging, to be fully responsible, respecting both mankind and the environment

Coverpla joined in this adventure, developing a bottle from its catalog in a refillable version and a different décor for all of the 14 references in the line.


With names including Surya, Mazhar, Amante and Joli Cœur, each of the fragrances tells a story, that of a journey the brand’s globetrotters have made to the different corners of the world. From incredible destinations like Andalucia, India, the Atlas or the Amazon, they brought back the essence and magic, breathing life into this travel collection. Régis, the founder of FiiLit, wanted the products to be environmentally friendly and ethical, respecting both mankind and the environment. Their supply chain is testament to this.


Refillable Packaging

For this development, the brand selected the Cara (50ml) bottle offered by Coverpla for its simple, beautiful silhouette and ergonomic shape. It has a screw closure for refilling. This makes the fragrances both travel-friendly and sustainable. Coverpla also realized the screen-printed décor for all 14 references.

The brand also selected a wooden cap stained in the color of each fragrance.

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