E-commerce and Amazon FFP



E-commerce has gone from being a future trend to a reality that keeps growing. In Spain, e-commerce turnover has had an inter-annual growth of 28.6% in the second quarter of 2019, reaching 11,999 million euros, according to the latest data from the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC), which represents a revolution in the world of packaging, which seeks to adapt to the new demands of this distribution channel.

Patricia Navarro Javierre and Ariana Gómez Tabanera - ITENE


Studies analysing consumer preferences show a number of priorities that actively involve packaging. Generating a pleasant shopping experience is the goal of any company in this field, although the way to achieve this does not seem easy. Above all, the great objective of the sector is that the product reaches the customer in perfect condition. From there, the opening of the content should also be gratifying for a consumer who is increasingly demanding and eager to express an opinion about its purchases on social networks, in this way contributing very actively to the reputation of the parties involved in the sale.


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