E-commerce moves fast: Adaptations for sustainability and efficiency gains



Sustainability is one of today's main needs and consumers and companies are increasingly looking for eco-friendly solutions that adapt to the changing requirements of both the consumer and the distribution cycle.


Laura Esteban and Ariana Gómez - ITENE



Given that the circular economy is a production system based on the promotion of recycling and reuse to reduce the volume of waste generated, many sectors are influenced by eco-design, incorporating measures to reduce or eliminate certain materials - such as plastics - and seeking more sustainable alternatives. This is motivated by market and user demands, who are now opting for more environmentally friendly products.


In this way, the circular economy is based on three pillars, known as the...YOU CAN CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE. YOU CAN REGISTER TO SEE ALL THE CONTENTS AT https://www.infopack.es/en/registry2

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