Eco-design, a booming tool



The optimisation and improvement of packaging tends, in a generalised way, towards the implementation of eco-design measures. Eco-design can be understood as a tool that allows companies not only to reduce the environmental impact derived from the packaging system or the reduction of raw materials involved in the manufacturing process, but also to save costs, comply with current legislation, differentiate themselves from the competition or improve their brand image, among others.


Marta Garrido


Many sectors are influenced by this trend of eco-design, incorporating measures to reduce or eliminate certain materials such as plastics, seeking more sustainable alternatives and new solutions, motivated by market demands and users who now opt for more eco-friendly products.

During 2019, 3,653 eco-design measures developed by Ecoembes in collaboration with more than 2,100 companies were implemented, achieving savings of more than 25,200 tons of raw materials during the packaging design process (phase in which it is estimated that 80% of the environmental impact is produced)... READING MORE AT

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