“El Adivino”: An All-Encompassing Sensory Experience


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Grantipo

Although the world of wine may be a traditional industry, the rapid and continuous changes which we are undergoing as a society forces wineries to be engaged in the constant development of new techniques, both in wine production and in the way it is displayed.

With the project of El Adivino (The Fortune Teller, in English), Félix Solís wanted to launch a new wine in keeping with the times, one capable of creating an all-encompassing sensory experience. The solution could not lie anywhere else other than with the new digital age. A premonition, perchance, or perhaps it was already written.

Through an innovative approach, a wider audience was sought. To a challenge, the solution.

The first step was to portray that iconic, universal character well-known to multiple generations, The Fortune Teller. From that moment on, the narrative on the label would naturally unravel: fate had decided. All we had to do was help people discover this in an engaging manner. And if that can happen while they are tasting a glass of wine, the moment will become truly magical.

The Fortune Teller's past.

A story about the future.

His legend begins in the dim workshop of a mad watchmaker. A story with princesses, palaces and a healthy dash of fantasy. The entire legend can be found at

Once the character and its story were created, the second challenge was to bring it to life. May the curtains open onto an animated scene, a dream world in which gestures count and glances foretell.

To accomplish this, an App was developed in collaboration with the digital media company, Aumentarte, that serves to bring the project to life.


The Fortune Teller is a reality. An augmented one.

The magic starts by downloading the App. You simply have to open it and focus your phone on the bottle label for the Fortune Teller to come to life.

He will then tell you your fortune.


You're about to get an unexpected visit. Wash the dishes and sweep under the bed.

I sense that another glass of El Adivino is on its way in your near future.


These are some examples of the messages.

The greatest challenge for this project was to create a perfect synergy between design and digital environment.

On the one hand, in the design and finishes of the label, the Grantipo team took exquisite care with painstaking attention to every detail in order to seduce the consumer through both sight and touch.

We were inspired by the traditions that surround Zoltar, the mythical fortune-telling machine that became popular thanks to the 1988 film, Big. The original format of the card issued by these machines was maintained as well as its name, a letter font steeped in history.


In addition, the label needed to employ a sufficiently distinct geometry to ensure that the App would only work with that label. It uses a machine-readable code that's invisible to people, as we understand that not all consumers will go for the animated experience, so the static version has to be engaging.


Once the shape of the label and its size were defined, we had to select the finishes, a mixture of sophistication and readability. The amount of stamping and varnish used in each area was carefully measured so that an excess of these finishes would not cause reading problems.


Paper was another important factor, as various printing tests were conducted and not all papers were capable of ensuring readability. The paper eventually selected was Artisan Plus.

A distinct and special wine of Spanish origin, with varieties in red and white.



Sergio Daniel García is the founder and creative director of Grantipo, a design consultancy located in Madrid, internationally recognized and specialized in branding and packaging. They seek the core truth in every brand and bring it to the forefront in an innovative and creative manner. They think of themselves as “artisans of detail” and possess great passion for the world of wine.

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