Envases Falemi: a commitment to excellence in cosmetic packaging


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Interview with Paula Michelena, sales director, and Alejandro Michelena, CEO, of Envases Falemi

Envases Falemi is a company dedicated to the manufacture, import, marketing and distribution of packaging for the cosmetics, health and perfumery sectors. Envases Falemi was established as a company in the early 1970s, with an exclusive focus on screen printing packaging. Over the years, its commitment to quality and innovation has driven it towards a prominent role in the cosmetic packaging sector, and it is now a benchmark in the industry.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: To begin with, could you give us a summary of the product lines that Envases Falemi has and which of them is showing the most strength or growth?

PAULA MICHELENA: We have a wide range of packaging products for both cosmetics (airless packaging, tubes, dosing and spray pumps, roll-on) and skin cosmetics (glass jars and bottles).

From the beginning we were noted for our specialisation in closures, both in sprays and dispensers, which is our strength.

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