Five FlexoStars awards from the ATF Flexo proves the flexographic quality printing of Comexi


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Palamy Group, RKW Castelletta and Constantia Jeanne d’Arc were awarded thanks to their packagings printed with Comexi technology

Comexi, a specialist in solutions for the printing industry and the conversion of flexible packaging, has come out stronger at the 32nd FlexoStars awards ceremony, held in Paris, thanks to the five awards received by four of its French customers: Palamy, BRJ, RKW Castelletta and Constantia Jeanne d’Arc. Organized by ATF Flexo (Association Technique Française de la Flexographie), the FlexoStars gives awards in flexography on various materials for the best printed job in France.

The companies presented the best packaging to be evaluated by both a technical jury and an artistic jury, which took into consideration different criteria such as tracking and colour rendering, lineation, pressure, point definition, recoveries, impact of images and ad hook, among others. The awards were presented in the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris, where 15 gold prizes, 10 silver prizes, 8 bronze prizes, a prize of the jury and a prize of innovation awards were given.



Of the 35 prizes, five were awarded to products printed with Comexi’s leading flexographic technology, of which three were obtained by the group Palamy – BRJ. They won a Golden Award in Complex Films Printed in Solvent Ink (Films Complexes Imprimés en Encre à Solvant) for ‘Duo de Fromages Croustillants Prim’s’, and two Silver Awards in Non-Retractable Polyethylene Films (Films Polyéthylène Non Rétractable) and Non-Retractable and Non-Complex Films Other Than Polyethylene (Films Non Rétractables et Non Complexés Autres que Polyéthylène) for ‘Freshona Mixed Vegetables’ and ‘Petit Beurre Bio Chabrior’, respectively.


"The Palamy - BRJ Group participates every year in FlexoStars competition and we are happy to have been awarded again, and this year with 3 awards. This professional recognition highlights the value and skills of our teams through the projects and the confidence our customers give us", explains Patrick Proux, the company’s owner. Palamy, with over 50 years of experience, is a plastic film manufacturer and supplier, which offers basic plastic films, printed films and cases for automated packaging, and covers all the chain process: processors, distributors and industrial.



Additionally, RKW Castelleta obtained a silver prize in Retractable Polyethylene Films (Films Polyéthylène Retractable) for ‘Evian 12x33cl Kids Mickey Us’. Virginie Aulagne, sales manager from RKW Castelletta, stresses that “as every year, we are proud to participate in the ATF Congress and the FlexoStars awards. This special moment allows us to meet and interact with flexographic professionals. Once again, we had the pleasure of receiving a prize. This recognition values the work of the RKW teams and allows us to communicate with our customers”. Specialized in multipack shrink films, they have offered a wide range of innovative packaging solutions since 1961.



The third company awarded was Constantia Jeanne d’Arc, with a silver prize in Printing on Aluminum Supports - Cliché or Sleeves (Impression sur Supports Aluminium - Cliché ou Manchons) for ‘Beurre d’Isigny 250g 1⁄2 sel’. Constantia Flexibles is one of the world's leading manufacturers of flexible packaging. The group supplies products to numerous multinational corporations and local market leaders in the food, pet food and pharmaceuticals industries. The plant CJA, located in Vecqueville, is a part of the Food Europe Division and focuses on packaging for dairy products.


Comexi, founded in 1954, has extensive experience in manufacturing equipment for the flexible packaging conversion industry. As a world leader, it operates five product lines, each specializing in a different conversion process: flexography printing, offset printing, laminating, slitting and digital services. Additionally, it has a Service and Technical Assistance Business Unit that offers service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The company has two production centers in Montenegro (Brazil) and Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Spain), as well as office in Miami (USA). Furthermore, its widespread sales network extends to more than 100 countries, providing answers to all its clients’ needs. Comexi includes the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre, Comexi CTec, where the company provides support and transfers its knowledge to the various groups involved in the flexible printing industry process.


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