Food contact materials: safety and quality


CATEGORY: Materiales de envase BRAND: ITENE

There is a growing awareness both among packaging manufacturers and the food industry itself, as well as among consumers, of the importance of ensuring the quality and safety of all materials intended to come into contact with food. The quality of the packaging destined to come into contact with food is fundamental in the production process of the final product, since it plays an important role in the food safety of the packaged food.


Raúl Díaz and Nuria Herranz - ITENE


According to the Law 28/2015, of July 30th, for the defense of the food quality, it is defined as the set of properties and characteristics of a food product or food related to the raw materials or ingredients used in its elaboration, to its nature, composition, purity, identification, origin, and traceability, as well as to the elaboration, storage, packaging and commercialization processes used and to the presentation of...READING MORE AT

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