Food products and developments in packaging technologies


CATEGORY: Machinery and applications BRAND: ITENE

Current lifestyle has directly influenced the way food is consumed, evolving towards more convenient options such as ready-to-eat products or products that can be cooked in the package itself.


Carmen Toledo and José M. Bermúdez - ITENE


At the same time, consumers show a greater interest in healthy and fresh products with fewer food additives, such as colourings and preservatives, but adaptable to their lifestyle, offering them enough durability so that their visits to the supermarket are not increased and to reduce food waste. All this presents a challenge for the packaging industry, which has had to adapt to meet these demands without neglecting the fulfilment of its basic functions: contain, protect, handle, distribute and present. For this reason, nowadays, food packaging is designed practically to measure for each type of product, considering its specific requirements. Therefore, the packaging technology used, as well as the type of material chosen, its permeability, shape and appearance, will depend on the product and its future use.


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